Earth Power

Medicine of our earth – the basis of our life. Did you know that our entire organism, every cell naturally oscillates in the same rhythm as the earth, around 7.5 Hz? The more we move away from this power, the sicker we become. Time to come back. We can only grow well if we are deeply rooted. This is what Wildnatur’s Medicine of the Earth stands for.

“In nature the music of life sounds in undisturbed harmony. Your own organism comes into resonance with this healthy basic vibration. Nowhere do you heal faster than there. ”- Safi Nidiaye

Before industrialization began, people spent more than 99% of their time outside in the great outdoors; that was just 300 years ago. Over thousands of years our organism has adapted to natural conditions. Now we spend precisely this over 99% in air-conditioned buildings, cut off from nature and animals. We forgot. We see for ourselves what we get from it. Stress, lifestyle diseases, burnout, dwindling resources – human, economic, natural. This is called global burnout. Time to put our feet back on the ground step by step and clean our roots. This is healing and connectedness in a holistic sense. Step by step, I accompany you back to the roots, your roots, and thus always a little further back to yourself:



Active regeneration and stress reduction

Gentle and regenerative. Short distances, beautiful landscape. Knowledge and practice. Beneficial for the entire organism.

Wildlife tours

With trails through the terrain, animal walks, ritual dance. This is where we may get dirty too, maybe a little more. Active stress reduction through the body. Demanding, brave, shameless.

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Barfuss Gruppe

Barefoot, Grounding

Down without is more than just a trend. Our feet – forgotten and packed, but the basis for the entire erection. In amusing theory and practice, I will bring you back to your feet. Anatomy, physiology, foot problems, perception, active and passive training, games and fun.

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Nature rituals

Nature supports us in every respect on our way to a more intensive perception of things as they are and to self-knowledge. In the nature rituals we deal with the symbolic language of nature and ourselves. Learning to see, to ask questions and get answers to life questions and existence. There are various options for this, which I am happy to accompany and show you how you can create your own nature rituals. Learn more about:

Medicine Walks, Small Vision Quest

Medicine wheels, elemental powers

The essence
The look in the mirror of existence. Nature rituals and trance journeys

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